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The Grupo de Estudos em Recursos Hídricos e Sustentabilidade (Research Group on Water Resources and Sustainability) – RHIOS brings together researchers with a common interest: the complexity of environmental issues observed under the focus of economic science. Thus, RHIOS is a center for the study and production of scientifically grounded ideas, points of view and questions about concerns, inquiries and competences around different topics such as the valuation of natural resources, water resources management, environmental impacts, economic and social interactions between man and nature, sanitation, alternative energies, etc.

Our study proposal involves the theoretical and applied approach of sustainability with substantial attention to the interdisciplinarity of environmental themes. Therefore, here on our page we publish the works developed by the Group in the form of articles produced for congresses, symposia, journals, technical reports, reading notes and texts of vulgarization of the topics under study.

In our menu, some are the basic monthly items updated. Our Editorial, also published in Portuguese and French, explores current issues from which we develop questions and opinions that perpass or even underlie our study themes. In the section Em Questão (In Question) we discuss empirical problems observed in the complex relation man x nature and its possible unfolding, thus revealing aspects bareilly analyzed by the classic studies of economy. The text is purposely presented in a simple language with less concern regarding academic writing, lending itself to the vulgarization of terms and expressions commonly used in environmental discussions from other areas of knowledge. Finally, some questions are presented that lead to texts in “response”, where we discuss in more detail the specific aspect questioned using a more academic language. In the section Produção Científica (Scientific Production) you can find ours works published in journals and various scientific events besides reading notes, produced in the form of critical reviews of some of the texts studied. Also in our main menu we highlight some Notícias(News) and present our coordinates to Contato (Contact).


O Rhios
August 2017
(English version by Tuany Mendonça and Leila FONTOURA)
Research group certified by UEFS at CNPq directory